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Learning from Home

Have you become your child's professional assistant, keeping their zoom schedule and your work schedule balanced? It's a lot, right? As parents, we have embarked on a new adventure in 2020. Many of us had never even had the thought of teaching our kids at home. Maybe you had considered homeschooling in the past but you had no intention of transitioning to learning at home so soon. Here we are teleworking, zooming, and teaching our kids all the things.

We've been doing this for months now, so I thought we may need some fresh new ways to make learning at home fun for you and your children! I've created a set of Teaching Tips for Parents to help you. This includes a daily schedule, learning games, and lesson branching tips!

Learning at Home Schedule

We all need a daily routine, kids thrive on routine. We have created a learning at home schedule just for you. You don't even have to think about it just print it off and find your own with your daily routine.

Learning Games

Learning should be fun! In our teaching tips guide, we have fun learning games that you can play with your child for any subject! We have games like matching, wordplay, motion play, and fun ideas for learning in the kitchen! Hands-on learning makes learning memorable and fun, kids retain so much more when they are DOING and not just listening.

Lesson Branching

This is my kid's favorite way to learn at home...with BOOKS! Lesson branching makes it easy for me to create a lesson for them with books we have here at the house. I lay out how you can take a chapter book read aloud and bring in science, history, math, and writing! Huge bonus your kids love whats in the read-aloud and they learn about that same topic in all of those subjects. They are going to love it, and so are you!

I can't wait to hear how you use these teaching tips to make your life easier! Oh, and what lessons you create with lesson branching!! Leave me a comment and let me know how you use these tips!

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